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Funicular Presentation

The inclined lift, kind of private funicular, is the rational solution to your access problems. It allows you to servicing your property while giving to your house a real added value.

With a hillside lift you can effortlessly access your house, your garage, swimming pool or tennis court overlooking your villa.

Tireless and silent, our inclined elevators are already adopted by many owners. Inclined lifts meet all technical and security requirements and employ a proven technology for many years.

Our elevators meet all safety standards related to the transportation of persons, including:

Thus they facilitate access for people with disabilities.

The installation of a hillside lift does not require major civil works.Our inclined lifts give you the opportunity to build on lands where the realization of a path is not authorized or detrimental to the site.

With a pleasing and original aesthetic, it fits into your location without destroying the natural environment, saving space and giving some added value to your property.

The panoramic cabin offers maximum space and can carry from 2 to 12 people.

In summary, an inclined lift is:

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